Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Science Center!

Soooo....yesterday we went to the Science Center up in LA! It was pretty awesome. We saw The Ultimate Wave Tahiti3D IMAX movie featuring Kelly Slater. The movie talked about the history of Tahiti, surfing, and how waves are formed. The 3D effects were astounding; grab that fish! It was neat to go underwater and see the coral reefs and natural marine life. It's pathetic that lots of the coral reefs around the world are being destroyed by global warming and humans. BOOOOOO. Anyhoo, the flick was a hit, and we recommend it for all ages!

After the movie, we explored the new exhibit Ecosystems. It was great (although many unexpected guinea pigs roamed the premises)! They have a two stories with ten different "zones" our favorites were The Poles and Deep Sea Vents. There was so much information, we didn't even get to visit all the rooms! I'll explain a bit more about these "zones". They are rooms with various hands-on activities, animals, and boards that hold much information....


*Did you know that there are deep sea vents, some called "Black Smokers" and one called "The Lost City" because of it's Grecian architecture?

*By 2020 four different dams in the Klamath River (we visited it on our road trip last year!) will be removed!

*Turtles store their pee for long periods of time so that when they're roasting in the desert they can have a cool drink to beat the heat (no, they don't actually drink their urine, the liquid just gets absorbed into their bodies:).

*Honey Ants store nectar in their abdomens and get so bloated that they can't even move! Workers can grab a snack on the go.

*Did you know the color black absorbs much more heat than white; also snow reflects more sunlight than sand which are two reasons why the polar regions are so cold.

We had a terrific time learning about the different ecosystems! It's amazing the amount of life that thrives in the various systems. Go check out Ecosystems at the LA Science Center today!

~written by Carly

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